Gender Selection

Gender Selection

A lot of people question whether gender planning is ethical or not, regardless of such it has been proven that there are natural methods that can increase your chance of having a boy or girl. The choice is yours alone to make and because of the random nature of a babies gender nothing can be guaranteed, with that said let me share with you a few baby gender planning techniques that have high popularity and a sense of legitimacy.

So the sperm which carry Y chromosomes (which helps result in a boy) have a lot of differences when compaired to the sperm that carry the X chromosome (which helps result in a girl). Let me help you understand whats different, so you can choose the right methods, this way you can create an environment where you can help one type of sperm reach the egg first. Let's investigate further..

Whats The Best Diet for Gender Selection?

The Y sperm thrive in an environment that is alkaline in nature, while the X sperm need more acid. The pH, which is an abbreviation for ‘power of hydrogen’, is a measuring unit of acidity and alkalinity. Your PH levels determine how thick or thin the cervical discharge is and this will have an impact on which type of sperm will make it through successfully. If you are planning for a baby girl, you would eat a diet that is rich in magnesium and calcium. If you are planning on having a boy, a diet rich in potassium and sodium is preffered.

Whats The Right Time For Each Selecting Gender?

I never thought the "timing" of intercourse would directly impact the gender of my baby, I was wrong. The Y sperm has a limited time to reach the egg and therefore needs to reach it as quickly as possible, therefore if you choose to have intercourse at the time that you ovulate you will increase your chances of having a boy. They will have the best chance of reaching the egg.

If instead you wanted to plan for a girl, you'll want the Y sperm to die off as quickly as possible, leaving the longer-lasting X sperm behind. So if you have intercourse 2-3 days before ovulation you will essentially give the X sperm the time needed to reach the egg.

Whats The Right Position For Gender Selection?

Its true, your position during intercourse can impact the gender of your baby. Remember the differences between the Y and X sperm.Y sperm die off much quicker whereas X sperm are durable and can survive for awhile. So if you have intercourse in a position that enables the deepest penetration, this would be preffered for planning for a boy.

So if you wanted to have a girl, you would want to make it so the Y sperm wouldn't have enough time to reach the egg. This means you would use a position that only had shallow penetration, this way the Y sperm wouldn't have enough time to reach their destination. The sperm will be deposited further away from the cervix, giving the X sperm the chance they need to reach the egg.

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