How to Conceive a Boy

How to Conceive a Boy

Pregnant women have been using Natural Gender Prediction methods for centuries, and even though there are many old wives tales some of them are actually based on scientific facts. There is no 100% guarantee that any of these methods will result in your desired gender, but they will help you in achieving your desired gender.

To conceive a boy you would want the Y chromosome (chromosome for male), and they are much different than the sperm that carry the X chromosome (chromosome for female).

The Y sperm are not as big as the X sperm, but they are very nimble and quick. They do have some disadvantages though, their life-span is significantly lower than the X chromosome and they are subceptible to different behaviors of your PH levels. So lets investigate further in how we can enable the Y chromosome to reach the egg first.

Your PH Balance and Diet

Y sperm require an environment that is more alkaline an acidic. Because of this you will want to modify your diet if you are trying to conceive a boy. The best foods to eat when planning for a boy would be foods that are rich in potassium, this includes foods like red meat, bananas, peaches and sausage.

How To Time Intercourse The Right Way

If you want the male sperm to reach the egg first then its important you follow these few tips. For the Y sperm to reach the egg you want to have intercourse during time of ovulation. This way your egg is ready for the Y sperm, the Y sperm's low life-span doesn't give it much time and therefore you need all the time you can get. You egg is viable for 24 hours, so by following this step you will give you Y sperm the best chance at reaching the egg.

Choosing the Right Position For A Boy

You would want to choose a position that would enable the Y chromosome to reach the egg as quickly as possible. Therefore a position with the deepest penetration would be best, the man should orgasm as close to the next of the cervix as possible. The best positions would either be doggy style or the woman being on top. Rear entry is also a good position for planning for a boy.

Other Factors For Conceiving A Boy

As interesting as it may be, if the woman has an orgasm before the man the odds of having a boy are greatly increased. The fact a womans orgasm causes secretions truly holds the secret of how this helps in conceiving a boy. When a female orgasm's it shifts the balance of the PH to more alkaline, this creates the perfect environment for allowing the Y chromosome to pass through the cervix and reach the egg in time.

Things to Remember

Again, you cannot guarantee the gender to be boy by using these methods and techniques, but you can increase your chances significantly. Regardless of what gender a baby is, the most important thing is that the baby ishealthy. Planning the gender of your baby can be fun, but after all is said and done there are many factors that will determine the sex of a baby.