How to Conceive a Girl

Learn How to Conceive a Girl

It would probably be impossible to select your babies gender if you weren't engages in some form of genetic manipulation. There are some factual methods that may help you conceive the gender of your choice. Remember that there is no 100% accurate way of selecting your babies gender, but there are a few simple steps you can take that will greatly increase your chances of having one sex or the other.

The X chromosome sperm are responsible for the birth of females. The X chromosome sperm are much slower than the Y chromosome sperm, therefore if you want to have a girl you would want to follow the steps below.

Eat The Right Foods

You'll want to have the right PH levels to ensure the female sperm reach the egg, there you want to create an environment thats acidic. This is the ideal environment for the X chromosome to thrive and have the best chance at reaching the egg. Recommended foods include broccoli, apples, fish (as long as it is farm raised and contains no mercury), and dairy products. Each foods that have high levels of magnesium and calcium to create the perfect X chromosome environment.

Picking the Right Time

To have a girl you want to remember some key difference between the X and Y chromosome sperm, Y sperm (for boys) doesn't last long and dies off quick. The X sperm however is more durable and can last for a few days extra. Therefore it is best to have intercourse up to 48 hours prior of ovulation, this way the Y sperm will die off before the egg is viable. Sperm can last 4 days or longer inside the body and X sperm last much longer than its counterpart. Once the egg drops from your ovary, its most likely that there will be more X sperm available compared to Y sperm..

Choosing the Perfect Position

The best way to have a girl is to have intercouse in a position that allows shallow penetration, this is the best way to make sure the Y chromosome dies off therefore giving the X chromosome the greatest chance of reaching the egg. Anything position works as long as it emphasizes on shallow penetration.

Other Factors to Consider

When a woman orgasms it changes the PH levels in her body, the secretions create an environment thats more alkaline in nature and it makes it much easier for the Y chromosome to pass through the cervix. Therefore if you are planning for a girl, the female should not orgasm before the mail. This will maintain a perfect environment for the X chromsome to thrive.

What to Remember

Even though these techniques can help increase your chances of having a girl, whats most important is that the new addition to the family is healthy. As said before, gender results can not be guaranteed, these methods will greatly increase your chances of having the desired gender but there will not guarantee it. Ultimately there are to many factors that can determine the gender of a baby for it to be guaranteed. But Plan My Baby has a success rate of 94%. You can also download a free Baby Gender Planner.